Sisters Inside Fund for Children
The Sisters Inside Fund for Children supports children of women in the criminal justice system to choose their own future free of the burdens so commonly felt by these children following the incarceration of their mothers.

The question most frequently asked of our Chief Executive Officer, Debbie Kilroy OAM, is 'how can we help?'

The Fund for Children is our answer to that question. It is a response to the needs of these children and is a vehicle for our friends and supporters to share our work and our journey.

The Fund supports programs for children that enable them to maintain a healthy relationship with their mother and to grow and develop and enjoy their lives. These programs work with children to overcome disadvantages resulting from the separation and trauma of their mother's criminalisation.

Sisters Inside has an excellent history of support from donors.

In 2013 Sisters' received over $100k in donations from individuals and our corporate supporters. Over half of these donations were unsolicited, evidence of the confidence the community has in our work.

The Sisters Inside Fund for Children enables us to expand the scope of our work with children and allows our friends and supporters to further engage with our work.

Why establish the Sisters Inside Fund for Children?
Sisters Inside currently operates a range of programs for children including play groups, programs for Indigenous children, transport and support for children visiting mums in prison, camps, and art and writing groups.

Some of these activities are funded as part of existing Sisters Inside programs, however the bulk of this work depends on volunteers and Sisters Inside's own fund raising program and additional work by Sisters Inside staff and their families and friends. The Sisters Inside Fund for Children seeks to provide long term support to these programs and to bring to this work the stability that only ongoing dedicated funding can provide.

In particular, Sisters Inside has identified other organisations who share our values and aspirations and who want to partner in programs for children. Sisters' Inside is exploring and developing those relationships and seeks to translate this good will into meaningful action in the immediate future.

The needs of children of women supported by Sisters Inside are growing and urgent.

Responding to these needs has become an increasingly significant part of Sisters' work and we are aware many of our friends and supporters share our commitment to the welfare of these vulnerable children. The Fund for Children will enable individuals and organisations to participate in these activities and programs.

Additionally, Sisters wants to build partnerships with other organisations in the interests of these children. This is challenging because Sisters' work with children is not securely funded in itself or as part of other programs.

The Fund for Children enables Sisters Inside to plan and manage programs for children from an identifiable and secure funding base.

How does the Sisters Inside Fund for Children operate
The Sisters Inside Fund for Children is administered by Sisters Inside Board of Management and managed by Sisters Inside according to a Charter for the Fund for Children.

The Fund is separately accounted for and is reported to its supporters and partners in the Sisters Inside Annual Report.

Sisters Inside has Donor Gift Recipient tax status and donations to Sisters Inside are tax deductible.

Cancellation Policy:All cancellation must be made in writing to Sisters Inside Inc at 

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