A collection of Murri Mixes

By Young Indigenous Group
The 'Murri Mixes' Hip-Hop Songwriting Project was delivered by Sisters Inside Inc & QMusic over a two month period and would not have been possible without the support of Brisbane City Council & Earth Base Productions.


Walkin' the Talk - A History of Sisters Inside Inc
By Kate Warner

Still Walkin' Sisters Inside another decade on
By Kate Warner

(inc both above)


Human Rights in Action
A resource for Women in Prison and their advocates

Written & Compiled by : Debbie Kilroy, Reanna Maloney,
Kobie Mulligan, Suzi Quixley & KAte Warner



Working with Criminalised and Marginalised Women:
A starting Point


Working with Criminalised and Marginalised Women

Kilroy was Here
By Kris Olsson

This remarkable book introduces us to a woman who, over the years, has made and remade a life that, in turn has touched and transformed so many lives around her. At the same time, Debbie Kilroy's humility is such that she would never represent herself as having accomplished any more than what life has demanded of her. This combination of uncommon ingenuity and tenacity on the one hand, and a deep understanding of the collaborative character of her efforts and achievements on the other, reveals why her story is so exceptional and why it must be shared with those who have not yet come to know her.



A Campaign to End the Sexual Assault of
Women by the State

Sisters Inside is conducting an Australian wide campaign against the strip-searching of women in prison. In this package, you'll find the relevant information to help raise awareness and for the issue to gain widespread coverage. For the campaign to be effective, we need the issue to get as much exposure as possible. You know what works best in your community, so feel free to be creative. Please let us know of anything that might be useful or that was successful so that we can share it with others in each state. Please also keep in touch to let us know how everything is going, or if there is anything we can do to assist. Thank you for your acts of humanity!

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ISBN 978-1-921287-30-5

A Black Women and a Prison Cell
This research resource and Case Studies is to provide information about the lives of Aboriginal women prisoners in Queensland for Migaloo (non Indigenous) people. A related piece of research has been written for Aboriginal women prisoners themselves which is also available on this website.

The resource has a focus on drug use, but also talks about other related issues like Aboriginality, strip searches, community violence and poverty. Strategies for workers are contained throughout the resource.

After reading these resources, we hope that you will have some understanding of what Murri women feel and know about the prison experience. We hope that you will know more about Aboriginal women’s drug use in prison and upon release, and that you have some insights into ‘walking with’ Aboriginal women to change their lives for the better. Melissa and Debbie

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