Sisters Inside

We have a number of exciting positions available – 2 based in our Brisbane (SEQ) office and 3 based in Townsville (NQ).  You are welcome to apply for more than one position however you must submit a separate application addressing the Selection Criteria for each job.

Women with relevant lived experience (including lived prison experience) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are encouraged to apply.  

Applications close at 5pm on Tuesday 23 April 2019.  

Please send your application to:  [email protected].  The positions are:

Anti-Violence Worker (SEQ – 1 position):  

The SIS Anti-Violence Program aims to address both women’s previous experiences of violence, and the retraumatisation many experience whilst in prison.  This position will work with women in prison – either in Gatton or in Brisbane. The position will primarily provide individual counselling and support to women prisoners who have experienced sexual, family and/or domestic violence.  Some group support activities may also be conducted inside prison, once the Anti-Violence Team (3 workers) is established.  For more details, see the Position Description.

Transition Support Workers (SEQ – 1 position):  

The SIS Gatton Transition Support Program aims to reduce the number of women returning to prison.  These new positions will work with women being released from the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) in Gatton.  Workers will engage with women prisoners up to 3 months prior to release; provide practical support (including transport) on their day of release; and continue to support each woman in the community for up to 6 months post-release.  Much of the work will focus on ensuring that women have access to the services and supports they need to avoid returning to prison (e.g. housing, income support, health support, family reunification). For more details, see the Position Description.

Health Support Workers (NQ – 2 position):

 The SIS Health Support Program aims to address the health and wellbeing needs of criminalised women and their children – both pre-existing untreated conditions and conditions exacerbated by imprisonment.  This position will support women following their release from Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre. It is part of a 2 person NQ team who will work with women released to Townsville, elsewhere in NQ and beyond. This will include supporting women to have their physical and mental health needs met, and to address any wider issues (e.g. housing, family violence and child removal) which impact on their health.  For more details, see the Position Description.

Housing Support Worker (NQ - 1 position)

The Housing Support Worker primarily provides intensive support to improve the housing and wellbeing of women and their children following women’s release from women’s prisons in North Queensland (NQ).  The majority of program participants will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women on parole, who would otherwise be homeless or at risk of homelessness post-release. For more details, see the Position Description.

Become a Volunteer

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Sisters Inside.  We have reached volunteer capacity for 2019 and we are not able to accept volunteers at the moment.