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Programs & Services


Sisters Inside has offices in Brisbane and Townsville.

We aim to provide services which support criminalised women and girls and their children to address their many different needs. We provide services in all women’s prisons in Queensland. We also work with women, girls and their children post-release in the community.

We know that ANY time spent in prison harms women and children.  Therefore, our overarching goal is to reduce the number of women in prison – supporting them to avoid going to prison in the first place, to apply for parole as soon as they are eligible, and to stay out of prison following release.

Our Brisbane office offers a wide variety of programs to women, young people and children throughout South East Queensland. Our Townsville office provides a variety of programs in North Queensland.  Sisters Inside offers some outreach services elsewhere, and over time we hope to offer the same variety of programs throughout Queensland.

For more information about Brisbane-based services, call (07) 3844 5066 or email us at [email protected]

For more information about Townsville-based services, call (07) 4772 4445 or email us at [email protected]


How We Work

Sisters Inside’s staff is very varied, and includes workers with lived prison experience and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers. We work alongside criminalised women, supporting them to address the issues and needs that are most important to them. Wherever possible, Sisters Inside will continue to support each woman for as long as she wants.

Involvement in any of our services or programs is 100% voluntary, and Sisters Inside deeply respects women and children’s privacy.  In particular, we don’t share anyone’s personal information with government authorities without their express permission.

We have good working relationships with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-controlled organisations, and are very committed to finding culturally-appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families ( and participants from other cultural backgrounds) wherever possible.

Our model of service (Inclusive Support) covers this in more detail.  More about how Sisters Inside works and evaluations of some programs are available in the Research Hub (at https://sistersinside.com.au/research-hub)Download the Inclusive Support document.

You can also download information about our past programs.


Support Us

Sisters Inside is a dynamic organisation that supports criminalised women and girls, and their children, both inside and outside prison. We have achieved remarkable success in assisting women and their children to develop a safe, secure, violence-free life, and stay out of prison. 

You can donate online using your PayPal account or credit card via our secure donation portal.  You can donate as much or as little as you like – every little bit helps!