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Sisters Inside’s will celebrate our 10th International Conference in 2023, continuing the campaign to #FREEHER and calling for Abolition Feminism Now.

Sisters Inside Inc. is an independent community organisation in so-called queensland, australia working alongside criminalised and imprisoned women and girls, their children, families and communities. 

We are proud to host our 10th International Conference in Meanjin (brisbane) on 8, 9 and 10 November 2023 alongside guests and friends from the global abolition community. 

Our conferences are the biggest abolition conferences in the country and host leading abolitionists from around the world. Alongside local and international guests, speakers, participants, and special performers, we are honoured to have Professor Angela Davis return to join our 2023 conference. 

“This conference is about the abolition of the prison industrial complex, and those who have been leading this movement for generations will be landing here to enrich the conversations being had amongst our own abolitionist communities in this country.”  Debbie Kilroy, CEO Sisters Inside Inc. 

At the centre of our 10th International Conference is the call for Abolition Feminism Now, explained by Debbie Kilroy as a theme intended “to further our thinking in regards to practical responses to the carceral feminism movement.” 

A range of intersecting topics and campaigns inform the conversations that will be had at the conference, including the mass incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; the murders and disappearings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls; the criminalisation and imprisonment of survivors of domestic and family, and sexual violence; state violence and killings in custody, and organising around experiences and needs of criminalised LGBTQIA2S+, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. 

Sisters Inside works, advocates, builds community, and challenges oppressive powers and the carceral State on stolen, colonised land in so-called australia. Central to our conferences and the abolitionist community are the voices and work of First Nations peoples, Blak women, Black women, Trans women, and women with lived experiences of criminalisation.  

To secure a limited spot, we encourage you to register your interest to attend via the link to our website.  

Media Contact: Debbie Kilroy 0419 762 474

How can you help?

The Sisters Inside Fund for Children supports children of women in the criminal justice system to choose their own future free of the burdens so commonly felt while their mother is in prison.

#Free Her Campaign

This campaign has been set up by Debbie Kilroy, CEO of Sisters Inside Inc.  The funds raised will be used to release people from prison and pay warrants so they are not imprisoned.