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Abolition in Practice


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As part of the community-engaged public program that accompanied Raphaela Rosella and her co-creators’ work, You’ll Know It When you Feel It, Debbie Kilroy, BARKAAJasmine Barzani, and Tabitha Lean come together to have a conversation between sistas and formerly incarcerated women. 

With backgrounds in music, filmmaking, and storytelling, criminalised and formerly incarcerated artists BARKAAJasmine Barzani, and Tabitha Lean share their valuable perspectives on the role of art in confronting carceral narratives with Debbie Kilroy.


In their conversation, we hear how they change the carceral narratives to their lived truth and experience, their own narrative. They challenge the carceral language that attempts to define them in deficit. They are not who the state or any other carceral player in this world says they are. 
This is a conversation for our sistas inside, and to put an end to the incarceration of women and girls. #FreeHer

Debbie Kilroy

State Assault

Strip searching – assault at the hands of the State

Criminalised Women

Criminalised women run rings around everyone else in their thinking – carceral narrative must be broken

The Love

They can lock us up, but can’t abolish the love

Tabitha Lean

Still Incarcerated

Still under state control

Abolitionist Propaganda

My words create abolitionist propaganda

Criminalised Voices

Criminalised voices being elevated – abolition taken over by academics


Still Profiled

Still profiled by cops

My Art

Fuck the police, who my are is for


Rap for my sisters

Jasmine Barzani

100% Abolitionist

Abolition and Personal Experience

Our Stories

Violence and propaganda when others tell our stories

Need more people

Build movement, people in positions of power must get on our side

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