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#FreeHer Campaign


#FreeHer Campaign

The  legislation to stop Aboriginal women being imprisoned for non payment of fines has been passed. Thank you for all your support. This is historical – we have all been waiting for these draconian laws to end for decades. You have all been part of this historic win. 

#FreeHer has supported 782 women to date and we have so many more Aboriginal women and children that need our financial support. 

#FreeHer campaign will continue.

We know that none of us are free until all of us are free. We must continue the #freeher campaign as we know that the majority of women who are impoverished are criminalised & imprisoned and their babies removed by the State into so called ‘care’.

We know Aboriginal mothers & babies are targeted within the racial capitalist State.

We must end poverty
We must end the removal of babies
We must #FreeHer

Thank you all for your ongoing support

We will change women and their baby’s lives

This campaign has been set up by Debbie Kilroy, CEO of Sisters Inside Inc. The funds raised will be used to end the criminalisation and imprisonment of women and children.

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Sisters Inside is a dynamic organisation that supports criminalised women and girls, and their children, both inside and outside prison. We have achieved remarkable success in assisting women and their children to develop a safe, secure, violence-free life, and stay out of prison. 

You can donate online using your PayPal account or credit card via our secure donation portal.  You can donate as much or as little as you like – every little bit helps!