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Human rights advocate Debbie Kilroy calls for the abolition of all strip searching of incarcerated women

This morning, the QRHC released its report on their review into strip searching practices across women’s prisons in Queensland. 

While Sisters Inside CEO and human rights advocate Debbie Kilroy welcomes the report, she says it is by no means timely. 

“Sisters Inside has been campaigning and lobbying to end strip searching policies and practices for more than 30 years. “

“Strip searching is the sexual assault of women authorised and perpetrated by the State” Kilroy states. 

“We want strip searching abolished immediately. Sexual assault by the State must be abolished today” 

“The evidence does not support the violence perpetrated against women through strip searching, as only 0.01% of contraband is uncovered in these searches”

While the report recommends that Queensland Corrective Services implement body scanners in order to cease the use of strip searching, Debbie Kilroy states that

“Queensland Corrective Services have had the implementation of body scanners on their agenda for over 30 years” 

“If QCS really wanted to introduce body scanners and end the violent practice against women, they could purchase them immediately”

“The government funds QCS to build more cages for women and girls, so they can realistically fund body scanners to end this violence against women today” Debbie explains. 

“The State Government’s agenda and policy to stop violence against women must extend to and include ALL women, including women in prisons.”

“We demand that strip searching be abolished today, as the QHRC recommendations do not go far enough in ending the violence against women.”

Debbie Kilroy is available for interview and comment on 0419 762 474